Bob Sanders The Disco Whistler

Bob Sanders The Disco Whistler
Many folks know the story of Colonel Sanders who became famous for his fried chicken recipe but most don't know about his son Bob Sanders.

Bob Sanders grew up a wealth kid in Kentucky. Bob didn't have much book smarts but he was blessed with charm. Bob decided to become a professional disco song whistle blower.

Unlike a federal whistle blower who reports companies that do unethical deeds, but just blew a whistle. He did so professionally. He is creditted with the introduction and whistle blowing on a number of disco songs. He even played the whistle on the most famous whistle song of all. "Toot-toot Beep-beep".

Anyway, this is the suit that Bob wore during performances. As you can see it retains the distinctive tie that his father used but spiced up the tuxedo texture with some style.

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