Condom Dress

Condom Dress
Let's take a pause to drink in the splendor of this one. Ahhhh. That is wonderous.

Here is a little story. One year I dressed up for halloween as a giant milk carton. It was a great costume. My face was right where a lost kid's face would have been. It said something like "Lost, last seen at the bar...". I really thought it was cool until the night wore on.

The first thing that started to bother me was that my underwear started to ride up my butt. Just like the model in this photo, I couldn't free my hands to adjust my underwear. Up up up it rode. My face was probably twitching away.

Second thing was that people really liked my costume and they started to buy me free drinks. This was cool for a while until I had to pee. Not good.

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