"Shrimp" Color?
5 Bows - One Ugly Dress
6 bows
70's Wallpaper Pattern Dress
76ers Dress
A Wedding Hostess
An Amazing / Ugly Cake
Ass Widener
Baby as an accessory.
Bad Color
Bad Patterns
Bad Shape
Big Ass, Short Skirt
Biker Wedding
Blue Velvet
Bob Sanders The Disco Whistler
Brady Bunch Fans Rejoice - The new plaid is here.
Bridal Flip Flops
Bridal FMP's The Unfair Advantage
Bridal Platforms
Bridal Shower Curtain
Bridal Sneakers
Bridal Sneakers Complete With The Ankle Tattoo
Bridesmaid flowers
Business Meeting
Butt Attachments
Buy a dress get free underwear.
Can't Wear White
Carousel Top
Cathedral Hat
Cigars! Cigarettes!
Civil War Special
Condom Dress
Cream Puff Wedding Dress
Denim Baby - Real, Americun Denim
Deodorant Application
Diorigami - Dior + Origami = Stupid
Doll Dress
Dude, Do you like my Tux?
Fifty Bucks.
Flash Gordon
Flat Chest Dress
Flat Hat
Floral - Part 2
Floral Fun
Frilly Foo Foo
Fuscia Front and Back
Garage Shoes
Giant Blue Shoes
Giant BowHead
Giant Sleeves - One
Giant Sleeves - Part 2
Going Dutch
Gothic Purple
Grandma's tablecloth
Granny Special
Green Corset Queen
Green Pair - Misery Loves Company
Green Wedding Party
Green with gutters
Green, Cleavage Jewels
Hello Kitty Wedding Dress
Here is a link to the page with the Klingon Wedding.
Here is my photo-shopped version
Hermetically Sealed
Hip to Be Square
Hip Widening
Hitchcock's Bride
Hot Sexy Wear
I am terrible
I'd kill for her body
If only the tree had fallen over...
Is there a dress under there?
It's A Maximum Sized Micro-Mini
Jimmy Buffet
Lady In Red
Lawrence of Arabia
Leg o' Mutton Sleeves
Machine Gun Bride
Make Your Own Ugly Dress
Mankles - Defined
Married Among The Choir
Married in a Whorehouse
Mary Tyler Moore
Maxi Pad Slippers
Michelin Man
Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake
Milk Crates
Minivan, Sneekers, Man-Calves
More Sites
More Stuff Goddammit
MTV Skank
My husband liked this one.
Nice Day for a White Wedding
One Big Bow
One Boob
Ouch. Belly Dancer?
Out of Date
Paint That Staircase
Peach Dress
Pigeon Hat
Pink & Puffy
Please don't reproduce.
Pole Dancer Pink
Polyanna Princess
Poofy, Lace, Green - 3 Strikes!
Powder Blue Tuxedo
Prom Photo
Pucker Champion - Group Photo
Puffy Sleeves
Puts my bad pattern category to shame.
Putting On A Hat in 1958
Red & Slutty
Rental Kilts - What is up with that.
Results #1
Results #2
Rolling Rock and Rock n Roll
Rough Texture
Royal Blue
Sara Ann
Sattelite TV
Shark Tattoo and Million Other Things
Short Ugly Burgundy
Shotgun Wedding Dress
Slut Bag
Spread Out.
St. Patrick's Day Wedding?
Super Poofy
Swim Cap
Taste The Rainbow
Tat, Beer, Cig, and a Casino
Tattoos and Skanks
Teal and White
Teal Poofy Arms
The Back Fat Dress - How does this happen?
The Backside of the maxi micro mini
The Best For Last
The Flatest Flats
The Green Dominatrix
The groom was a fieldgoal kicker
The Klingon Wedding
The Pregnant Prom Dress
The Prom Patriot
The Pucker Champion
The Teal Green Camaro Dress
The Triple Whammy
This looks very, very real.
Tina In Hot Pink
Tinkerbell Special
Tiny Klingon Boombox
Traditional or Stupid?
Train Wreck
Ugly Cake Story
Ugly Shoes
Ugly Tuxedos
Ugly Wedding Guest Attire
Ugly Weddings
Ultra Conservative
Unusual Growth
Vented Shoes
Victorian Pink
Video Gamer Wedding Cake
Vintage = Crappy
Was this made in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts.
Wedding Bell
Wedding Bell Dresses.
Wedding Cake Resistant
Wedding party of the future
Wedding Port-A-Johns
Wedding Tattoo Advice #1
Wedding Tattoo Rule #2
Wedding Tattoo Rule #3
What do you wear when your grandma gets married?
What happens in Vegas...
What Happens In Vegas... The Stairway
What Happens In Vegas...The Reception.
Wide Load
World's Largest Bow

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