Married in a Whorehouse

Married in a Whorehouse
I used to work as a distributor of condoms. It was pretty good work for me. I am not very large and can't carry much, but I liked driving a truck for a living because it paid well and I could listen to the radio.

One of my accounts was an Oriental Spa. I don't know what type of Oriental therapy they did there but it sure did require a LOT of condoms. They used almost as many as the machine in the gay bar.

One day the proprietress of the oriental spa, Lim told me she was getting married. I was shocked when she asked me to be in the ceremony.

It turns out that her husband to be was a country music kind of guy and she ran a whorehouse. They decided to have an "Old West" themed wedding so this is what I wore.

When I drove up to the wedding everyone was staring at me. I thought it was the dress, but it turns out that no one had seen me drive anything except a big truck. I think they half expected me to arrive in it for the wedding. has a sponsor, Of all of the bachelorette party sites, seems to be the best place to buy stuff for a bachelorette party.

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