Minivan, Sneekers, Man-Calves

Minivan, Sneekers, Man-Calves
Here is a little photography less for you. I'll tell you how to take a gem like this one. First, get a 15 feet of gravel driveway leading up to a miniva. Make sure the minivan is crammed full of unrecognizable crap. Be sure you don't get either person's face. Just a photo of them both looking into the minivan. Pose the bride so that she is doing something and pose the groom so he looks helpless and lost. That oughta do it.

Oh yeah, last thing about shooting a great photo like this, only capture like half of the 20 kayaks on the roof of the minivan. Let the viewer wonder what else was stacked up there. has a sponsor, Of all of the bachelorette party sites, seems to be the best place to buy stuff for a bachelorette party.

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