Pole Dancer Pink

Pole Dancer Pink
This posting is a combination of two submissions:

One person sent in the dress photo. That is quite the close up, I wonder what she was trying to capture in this photograph?

The second person sent in a number of funny comments.

One comment that I liked was that she called the color of this dress "Pole Dancer Pink".

The other comment I liked is that our submitter said that a woman that wore this dress wanted her wedding song to be "Beth" by Kiss. Her name wasn't actually Beth, she just liked that song. I think that everyone in the audience would be wondering who the heck Beth is.

You know there are some distant relatives at any wedding that can barely remember the bride's name, so going for a song like Beth is just asking to be called Beth by Aunt June for the rest of your life.

Perhaps the bride was one of the members of the KISS ARMY. Rock & Roll.

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