The Pregnant Prom Dress

The Pregnant Prom Dress
Wow, when I started this website I never thought I would see anything like this!

I can't decide if this is a cruel punishment for a teen that got pregnant before her prom or if this is someone's idea of a new maternity fashion.

All I know is that I have received this photograph in the mail at least 6 times. Possibly more. This is easily the ugliest dress ever.

Now pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but pregnancy when your hair is all nappy, you are too young, and you have a prom to go to is not.

The scientist (my husband) has reviewed this website to try to determine the date during which it was taken. I thought it might be something older. He says that the remote control on the table looks like it is for digital cable and pointed out that the shoe styles look fairly current (see the woman seated and the model). Also, he notes that one person appears to be drinking bottled water. Definitely not an old picture. has a sponsor, Of all of the bachelorette party sites, seems to be the best place to buy stuff for a bachelorette party.

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