Rental Kilts - What is up with that.

Rental Kilts - What is up with that.
Only a guy would rent a kilt. Afterall, getting married in a kilt would suggest that you are fairly serious Scotsman.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your Scottish Heritage. We should all be proud of our ancestry. I just wish that if someone were proud enough of their heritage they would OWN THE DAMN CLOTHES.

Hell, when you rent a kilt you have to wear some other clan's tartan. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it.

Oh yeah, one more point. Let's try not to over-scottish ourselves. If your father and/or your grandfather was married in a suit and pants then you MUST be married in pants. Otherwise you are just going to be a guy in a dress. has a sponsor, Of all of the bachelorette party sites, seems to be the best place to buy stuff for a bachelorette party.

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