Ugly Cake Story

Ugly Cake Story
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Ugly Cake Story
My friend Lynda is totally cool. She is the type of person who can pick out the best stuff. The picture you see above was a photograph of a wedding cake that she wanted for her wedding.

I don't know where Lynda got the photo, but it looks pretty neat and with her colors and flowers it was going to be a smash hit. As complex as the pattern looks at first, when you really think about it, it is just a serious of straight ribbons laced together. I think the design is great.

Unfortunately, Lynda didn't consider that her baker might make some promises that she couldn't keep. In fact, it seems like Lynda's baker was more interested in Rum Cake than Wedding cake. Click on the small picture to see what Lynda's actual cake ended up looking like. This photo is from her ACTUAL reception. This pile of cake had to sit in front everyone during the reception. Lynda spent the first year of her marriage in the courtroom suing a drunk baker. Ouch. has a sponsor, Of all of the bachelorette party sites, seems to be the best place to buy stuff for a bachelorette party.

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