What Happens In Vegas...The Reception.

What Happens In Vegas...The Reception.
I don't know if you know this or not, but I have the ability to read someones mind just by looking at a photograph. Unfortunately, this skill is not as valuable as you would think. Most people are just thinking "Cheese" or "I hope my smile looks OK".

This picture was a little more ripe. I have highlighted the better people and will list their thoughts:

A. That show Malcolm in The Middle is really funny.

B. He sure is a nice guy marrying my sister.

C. Oh Yeah! I am going to sell this shit on the Internet!

D. I knew I should have worn a gold-sequined speedo.

E. I am going to be famous all over the Internet now. Finally.

F. My Mommy told me I would go blind if I played with myself. I had better stop soon because I already need glasses.

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