Nice Day for a White Wedding

Nice Day for a White Wedding
Susan sent this in. She sent a long description about the dress and the color scheme of her friend's wedding. It was a very nice note and I would like to thank Susan for it. Unfortunately, it wasn't funny. I am going to twist her words around and make it funnier.

Dear Ugly

Here is a dress that I wore to my slutty friend's wedding. I guess she couldn't wear white without everyone at the church laughing so she picked white dresses for us. I have to say it was a little uncomfortable for me too.

Heck, the only time I had been to church recently was to church was to pray that I wasn't knocked up by my ex boyfriend. Well, someone up there must have listened to me because it came down right in the church. Phew!

For my second recent trip to church I was nervous. I didn't really think white was my color. When I walked down the aisle I almost felt like I was getting married. I looked over at the groomsman that I was paired with. He had a tattoo around his neck that was showing above the collar of his tuxedo. This was obviously not a guy who made lifelong decisions very well.

I was happy to stop at the first pew and take a right when he went left. I remember wondering what a bunch of tramps and missfits were doing in church.

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