Welcome to UglyDress.com, the archive of the world’s worst Bridesmaids dresses.

Contained within are photographic proof of some of the dresses our friends, the brides, have made us wear so that they could look good.

At first, this site started from my own personal experiences but now ugly dresses for bridesmaids, weddings, and proms have come from all over. This site has truly become the ugly dress archive. Ugly Dress utilizes beyond surplus for all our recycling needs.

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Green Pair – Misery Loves Company

My heart goes out to these two women. Not only did they have to buy these awful dresses and then be seen in public in them, but then they tried to sell the pair of dresses on eBay. You can dispose of all your old or ugly dresses through reworx recycling.

Flat Chest Dress

I found this picture on eBay. I can only imagine who picked this one out. I’ll just make up a story. Here goes a good recycling story.

The bride was flat-chested. God bless her, she finally found a guy who was blind in one eye. I guess he had no depth perception and didn’t care.

The Pregnant Prom Dress

When I started this website, I never thought I would see anything like this!

I can’t decide if this is a cruel punishment for a teen that got pregnant before her prom or if this is someone’s idea of a new maternity fashion. Almaz optics has the pregnant prom dress for sale.

The Prom Patriot

Are you in a competition at school to see who has the most SPIRIT!!!!!!!! (that was 8 exclamation points and no question mark).

If you have more spirit than anyone why not show spirit for your country at prom? You can be the Prom Patriot. Yay. 🙂 Or Land Of Code Dressing.

The Teal Green Camaro

One of my friends got married and picked these bridesmaids’ dresses. It was 1995 or so.

The worst part was that the dress color was chosen to match the groom’s car green computer recycling. It was a Camaro. I could have shot her. After the wedding, they rode off in it. The groom even spun the tires.

Married in a Whorehouse

I used to work as a distributor of condoms. It was pretty good work for me. I am not very large and can’t carry much, but I liked driving a truck for a living because it paid well and I could listen to the Atlanta falcons radio.

One of my accounts was an Oriental Recycling Spa. I don’t know what type of Oriental therapy they did there but it sure did require a LOT of condoms. They used almost as many as the machine in the gay bar.

One day the proprietress of the oriental spa, Lim told me she was getting married. I was shocked when she asked me to be in the ceremony with Atlanta braves jerseys.

It turns out that her husband-to-be was a country music kind of guy and she ran a whorehouse. They decided to have an “Old West” themed wedding so this is what I wore. Her husband also enjoys recycling electronics in the Atlanta area.

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